Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

Incubation Centre

Muralidhar Girls’ College has long upheld the tradition of encouraging entrepreneurial spirit amongst students and alumni through organisation of Anandamela, an annual event that provides them a platform to show and sell products, mostly handmade by them. The incubation centre seeks to further formalise and take this tradition ahead. It aims to incubate the entrepreneurial spirit minds and help them find fertile soil for germination of their ideas.


The incubation centre offers a physical space within the campus where students and alumni can find easy access to resources to start their own business or foster innovative ideas. The incubation centre provides:

  1. Access to resources
  2. Opportunities for skill development
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Access to platform
  5. Counselling sessions by experts.


  1. Dr Kinjalkini Biswas, Principal
  2. Dr Suvasree Dutta Dasgupta, IQAC Co –ordinator, Dept. of Geography
  3. Dr Krishna Dutta, Dept. of Sanskrit
  4. Smt Anjana Chatterjee, Dept. of Philosophy
  5. Dr Chandrakala Dutta, Dept. of History
  6. Smt Aparna Sengupta, Dept. of Bengali
  7. Dr Sampriti Biswas, Dept. of Sanskrit
  8. Smt Bidisha Biswas, Dept. of English
  9. Sri Pralay Mandal, Dept. of Sanskrit
  10. Smt Iman Ghosh (Co –convener), Dept. of English
  11. Dr Bangasree Dey (Co –convener), Librarian
  12. Alumni member –Rima Hazra
  13. Alumni member –Manisha Bera
  14. Student member –Arzu Mehboob

The spirit behind the incubation centre is in tune with the Vision/ Mission and Perspective Plan of the college –it provides avenues for ensuring the economic independence of the female students and empowering them to follow their chosen paths in life.


  1. The long term plans of the centre include efforts to maximize resources and facilities to be able to apply for enrolment under the Atal Innovation Scheme, so as to contribute towards the nation’s efforts to encourage entrepreneurial start up culture amongst the youth.
  2. The centre aims to organize sessions with industry experts as well as small business owners to familiarize the students and alumni with practical aspects of entrepreneurship.
  3. To encourage the spirit of R&D amongst the students and provide them with encouragement and resources for innovating.
  4. To familiarize students and alumni with aspects of Intellectual Property Rights through organisation of workshops, lectures and seminars.


Jayasree Bhattacharya (alumni, 2016 –19 batch) –Jayasree is the proud owner of her bakery business named ‘Art of Bake’. The college has consistently supported and promoted her business, providing her with a platform in various college events.

Jayasree at Anandamela 2023
Jayasree at Anandamela 2023

Manisha Bera (alumni, 2015 –18 batch) –Manisha started her handcrafted junk jewellery business, Manisha’s Creation, while in the final year of graduation. She gained a platform for her creative pursuits through Anandamela and various other college events. She credits her college teachers for encouraging her to follow her dreams.

Manisha at Anandamela 2023
Manisha at Anandamela 2023
Manisha at Anandamela 2022
Manisha at Anandamela 2022
Manisha at Anandamela 2022

Rima Hazra (alumni, 2018- 21 batch) –Rima’s small business of supplying pure honey, ghee crab, prawns and other products from the Sunderbans seeks to develop and empower this remote area. The college has been playing an active role in helping her achieve her goals.

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