Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

Institutional Distinctiveness

With the enriched experiences gathered in 83 years, the mission is to extend educational facilities to all deserving students. The institution has endeavoured to expose students to the emerging areas of knowledge, culture, strength, faith in oneself and all the other characteristic traits needed for a woman. The main aim is to empower women as our future generation as well as future mothers. Most students are first generation learners, who hail from the adjoining sub-urban region of greater Kolkata and belong primarily to the middle and lower-class families. A highly qualified, responsible and cooperative teaching and office staff are keen to give their best to explore their potentialities to ensure sustainable development. An integrated plan of action for addressing the socio-economic and cultural backwardness is undertaken to achieve empowerment.

Individualised teaching-learning process

The college implements the prescribed curriculum to meet the global challenges through choice-based education system in which students have freedom to select courses of their choice.

Apart from conventional lecture method, participatory learning, group discussion and individual interaction during tutorial and practical is conducted to justify the needs of the bright learners and underachievers. Special measures are sincerely taken to improve the performance of the slow learners.

Individual coaching during free periods, providing model answers and personal books, individual counselling and provision of financial support if required are some of the strategies followed. Google classroom is efficiently utilised to share learning resources, conduct academic activities, submit assignments online etc.

The institution aims to develop an inclusive educational setting for every diverse learner in classroom, to make students understand that the physically disabled persons are also a part of the society.

Knowledge and skill to handle Information Communication Technology

The college focuses on honing the technical skills along with transfer of subject knowledge. The right way of acquiring language proficiency is conducted, that is through development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Success of innovative teaching-learning process is assessed through students’ feedback and academic audit.

Well-coordinated co-curricular activities (CCA)

CCA are coordinated to provide students follow their passion like singing, dancing, drawing, debate, photography competition and training courses on Self-defence and Yoga.

Extension activities in the surrounding communities through NSS (National Service Scheme)

Several outreach initiatives are conducted through NSS and NCC to translate the mission and vision into reality directly contributing to personality development of students.

To enable students to participate independently in the decision-making process, a series of Lectures, conferences and workshops are conducted to make them aware of their power, rights and duties. Most of the courses offer papers that are gender oriented and through the pedagogy of gender sensitization it extends beyond the classroom to ensure gender equality.

NSS units address social problems as prevention of female foeticide, drug de-addiction, general hygiene and cleanliness with the aim of connecting Institute with community.

Every year thalassemia camp is organised and approximately 10% of the students are detected as carriers. Post-detection guidance and counselling service is offered by experts from Nil Ratan Sarkar Medical hospital.

A webinar titled "Stress Management and Positive Psychology in the context of COVID 19 Pandemic" was organised during Covid 19 pandemic, with mental health experts enabling students and faculty members handle the crises period successfully.

NSS volunteers regularly visit the local slum schools and take part in academic (Reading, writing and arithmetic) and non-academic activities (drawing, dance and singing) with primary level students. Squatter and slum dwellers staying in nearby areas are availed the facility of free health check-up. The hawker friends of Gariahat market are invited for blood donation strengthening the college-community bond.

Psychological counselling

The counselling cell provides personal and individualised sessions based on felt need of the individual students. Free sessions are provided by faculty of the psychology department.

Placement opportunities

In-house training programmes are conducted for better placement opportunities. Communicative English and soft-skill course are a few of them. Agencies like Magic bus and others guide students to attain employment.

Internal complaints committee (ICC)

Following the guidelines of UGC, ICC has been constituted and committee list is displayed in college website. Add on course on "sexual harassment of women at workplace" was conducted to make the students aware of the process of filing a complaint with ICC.

Environmental sustainability and social perseverance

Various projects like solar panels installation, rainwater harvesting, plantation drive etc. are undertaken to manage the current environmental crisis. Energy and green audits are the parameters adopted to evaluate these practices. NSS volunteers conduct rigorous campaigning on banning plastic bags to create ‘Plastic free community’.

Other distinctiveness

Tuition fee structure has been kept at a very moderate level and total exemption of is allowed for poorer students through ‘FREE STUDENTSHIP SCHEME’.

Different merit scholarships are provided by the central and state governments. The ‘KANYASHREE SCHEME’ of the State Government is executed with high priority. Other available scholarships are Student Aid Fund, Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-means Scholarship, West Bengal Chief Minister Financial Assistance, Post Matric Minorities Students scholarship, Aikyashree-Government of West Bengal, Udayan Care Shalini Fellowship are Jindal Scholarship.

All the stakeholders are committed to stand by the society at the hour of need and thus the college contributed Rs. 200000/- to the Emergency Relief Fund of the Government of West Bengal for Pandemic Covid-19. Moreover, the NSS units contributed relief materials like rice, soaps, biscuits and used clothes to the Amphan affected areas of south 24 Parganas of West Bengal.

The whole administrative structure starting from the principal at the top, all the faculties and office staff work together to fulfil the comprehensive goal of growing young minds to well-balanced, responsible and mature citizens of our nation – all work together with great sincerity to achieve their respective goals.

A spirit of belongingness and warmth is fostered among the students, faculty and office staff; which is retained even after the students leave the institute. Many of our students are academically accomplished and are employed in reputed government as well as private organisations. The college also contributes puja allowance to all Group C and D casual staff.
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