Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

Value Added Courses

This is the age of knowledge and skill. The young generation must have enough skill to become well placed in the job market. The academic courses provide knowledge where as the professional course, hand-on training , skill development practices etc. make a student proficient enough to be a part of the work force.
Muralidhar Girls’ College has taken the decision to impart a comprehensive training to the students to make them well prepared for their future. Hence the value-added courses have been introduced beside the curriculum and training has been imparted by the professionals.

The value -added courses that have been introduced are:

Resource Person

  1. Yoga: Choyona Mukhopadhyay
  2. Self Defence: Supriyo Biswas
  3. Spoken English: Bidisha Biswas
  4. Soft Skill Development: Parmita Dhar
  5. Media writing, Speaking and Presentation Sananda Roy Chowdhury, Ahana Chatterjee, Sukrity (Nandy) Mukherjee
  6. Embroidery, Cutting and Tailoring – Mohua Maity
  7. Nutrition and Dietetics Sharanya Bhattacharjee
  8. Sexual Harassment in workplace and its legal aid: Dr. Sujata Roy

Yoga, Self Defence and Karate are chosen for making the children healthy and strong in their body and mind. Self Defence and Karate help the girls in developing courage and self confidence when they have to face many difficult situations.

Soft Skill Development is the basic requirement of the present day job market. The girls from Muralidhar Girls’ College mainly come from a humble background and hence they must be prepared for the profession as well as personal life where this skill development would help them a lot.

Media writing, Speaking and Presentation is such a course which is meant for any student . In the present days quite a large number of girls are interested in media. Those who do not get the chance to study Journalism and Mass Communication, can avail this hand on training and can get a chance to enter the media profession.

All the students of this college are not interested in joining some profession. Some of them are interested to do something of their own. The Embroidery, Cutting and Tailoring Course and Nutrition and Dietetics Course can help the girls in either becoming some entrepreneur or take up some parallel profession and not wait to only grt some job. These courses also help the girls in their personal and family life.

Sexual Harassment in the workspaces are so very common phenomenon during the present days that the girls must be equipped with the legal aids in it and a value added training on this does not have any substitute.

Muralidhar Girls’ College always had the intention to empower the students while making them proficient in academics. The above mentioned value-added courses are helping the students immensely and in future the College has plans to introduce more courses in this area.
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